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fishnet, lingerie, hitachi, masturbation, vibrator
Price: $7.99
Size: 157 MB
Length: 7 minutes
Chilly Hicks is in her black fishnet lingerie that has attached garters and matching fishnet thigh highs. Her large “D” breasts are pressing tight against that fabric and her super hard nipples are pushing through that fishnet. She bends over putting that cleavage in your face while she pulls on those nipples of hers. It feels so good when she tugs on them pulling them through the fabric all the way. That silver nipple ring over hers catches the light ever time she flicks it with her finger. Showing off that fishnet thigh high while she rubs her fingers up and down the smooth soft fabric. The cotton of fishnet feels so different than that of nylon. She enjoys the difference in the feel of fishnet and how it caresses her body. Pulling up those fishnet panties to show off her pussy lips on each side using that material to grind between those lips. Bending over Chilly shows off the back of her g-string as she puts those toes up in your face. Her cute little toes just waiting to be sucked are covered in that black fishnet material. Getting out her hitachi plug in vibrator she starts to tease that pussy of hers through those panties. This is her favorite toy because it always gets her off in a super hard way. She enjoys the way it makes her pussy lips tingle and the fishnet just enhances that sensation. Chilly can not get enough of the powerful vibrations she bucks her hips back up into that toy. The more turned on she gets she can not help but reach up to those super hard nipples poking out of that fishnet lingerie. Grabbing onto that nipple she pulls on it while she has a huge orgasms from the intense vibrations coming out of the hitachi.


Hitachi Time Vibrator Thigh High Play

thighhighs, pantyhose, nylons, lingerie, garter belt, vibrator, hitachi
Hitachi Time
Price: $8.99
Size: 226 MB
Length: 8 minutes
Chilly Hicks is wearing her pretty striped matching lingerie with her big D breasts barely held in by that thin material. She likes the way this soft stretchy fabric covers her skin. Her pussy hair pushes out of the fabric to be teased. She rubs her fingers up and down those long legs and that silky material covering her beautiful porcelain skin covered by those thick thigh highs. Teasing her nipples through the fabric she undoes the top and plays with her breasts till her pussy gets super wet. Starting with her striped panties on she teases her clit through the fabric. Slowly and seductively removing her panties and sliding her fingers over that super wet slit. Leaving her soft striped thigh highs and heels on she spreads her legs wide to show off that cunt of hers. Showing off her nicely trimmed pussy and teasing that cunt of hers. Her hitachi is her favorite vibrator it plugs into the wall and never dies. Staring off with her vibrator against her clit she enjoys that steady tease of her clit. Buring her fingers deep inside feeling all that wonderful wet warmth running out her hole that needs to be fucked. Ramming her fingers deep inside enjoying the feel of that throbbing vagina. With her legs spread super wide she holds her Hitachi hard against her pussy. Getting up on her hands and knees she pushes her hips against that vibrator grinding hard against that large head. Rolling over she holds her leg way up in the air while she makes herself orgasm over and over. Watch her uncontrollable orgasms from her very powerful toy. Her lips swell as they become more and more sensitive. Watch her with this toy and you will see why her hitachi makes her come very hard over and over again.