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Pantyhose Layering Removal Chilly Hicks Clips4sale

pantyhose, layering, tights, tease
Pantyhose Layering Removal
Price: $3.99
Size: 40 MB
Length: 3 minutes
Chilly Hicks is in her very tight clingy black dress and six pairs of tights all layered on top of each others. They are the thick pantyhose that are super clingy. She likes to tease you with those tights of hers. The very top pair of tights she is wearing are dark black hose. She slowly pulls off that black pair to reveal a bright red pair of tights underneath. Turning around she teases you with that wonderful round ass of hers. She slowly rolls down those red tights to reveal the dark brown pair of nylons. Chilly knows how much you enjoy watching her wiggle out of those pantyhose. Working those brown tights down her hips and thighs she shows you the gray pair that is tightly clinging to her body. Rubbing her hands across her hips and enjoying the feel of silky fabric. Reaching up she pulls the grey tights down slowly pulling those tights off her thighs and then her calves. Underneath she has on a pair of navy hose that are thin revealing the skin through that fabric. Putting those toes up in your face taunting you with those small feet covered up with those tights. Teasing you with what might be underneath those navy hose. When she finally rolls them down she shows off that wonderful pussy that you have been waiting to see. She takes off those hose and lets them hang off her fingers. Playing with those hose with her feet she teases you with just a peek of her pussy. Grabbing up all those pantyhose she rubs the whole pile of nylon against her skin. They feel so good as she caresses her skin.