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Chilly’s Pantyhose Balloon Popping Clips4Sale

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Pantyhose Balloon Popping
Price: $5.99
Size: 55 MB
Length: 6 minutes
Chilly Hicks is in her full black nylon pantyhose they cover her tiny little toes. Chilly enjoys wearing pantyhose she likes the way they feel on her skin and the way they slide against the slick latex balloons. She has blown up these balloons until they are super full of air she really wants to make them pop with a lot of force. This is a non naked movie that is all about the tease and looner play. Chilly enjoys playing with balloons the feel of them and smell while she rubs them all over is so much fun. After buying a big bag of balloons at the store and bringing them home. She decides to have some her kind of fun. These are latex in all kinds of bright fun colors. This video starts out after she has blown them all up she has a lot of balloons that she is playing with. Chasing the balloons around with her pantyhose covered feet they pop out from under her silky toes. She has to get them back under control before she can squash them and make them explode. After all that chasing she decides to try a different strategy holding them between her thighs squeezing them. At first they do not want to cooperate and they slip out of all that nylon squeezing them again and again. She is able to finally get a good strong grip with her hose covered thighs so she can pop those balloons. Changing it up a little she takes one and pushed it underneath her bottom. Slowly sitting down on that slippery balloon she starts to bounce up and down on it. Sitting on balloons is always a fun way to make them pop because she never knows the exact moment when her bottom will hit the floor. Sitting down on them she makes those balloons pop underneath her bottom.