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Steel Cock Ring With Leather Ball Strap

This is a great started cock ring I have been using the stainless steel cock rings for years. They come in all different kinds of configurations and in my collection I have a ton of them. Most of us start out with the stretchy cock rings that come free or we buy for a few dollars. The plastic ones are nothing like a wonderful stainless steel cock ring.  The stainless steel is sexy, functional, easy to clean and maintain.  Stainless steel is wonderful in that it can be heated or cooled with breath or hands. This can create a number of different and unique sensations for the partner wearing it. I really like this leather and steel combination leather will last a very long time if taken care of properly. A few pointers when it comes to leather cock straps first off you want to keep them clean so wash them every single time you use them. Take a towel and press out all the water you can. Make sure the snaps are good and dry. Then lay flat to let it dry. If the leather should start to curl at the seams you can place a heavy book on it to make it lay flat again.  A little bit of care with leather goes a long ways. I have had some leather toys for well over 20 years and they still look great.  This cock ring is an entry level one that functions wonderfully and has a fabulous price. If you are wanting something to enhance an evening without spending a lot of money check it out I think you will really enjoy the girth it creates.


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Single Strap Leather Snap Cock Strap


This was the very first cock strap that my partner and I purchased and we still have it almost twenty years later. We have progressed from this to a lot of different play toys. We do get this out though from time to time. It works great and is a wonderful starter cock strap because it is adjustable instead of being stretchy like the rubber ones or hard like the stainless steel ones. It is simple to use and can be put on by either partner. The biggest thing with all leather play things is to keep them clean. I use an old toothbrush to scrub them down then dry them with a towel and lay it flat to dry. If you do not keep it clean it can accumulate icky stuff around the snaps or in the rows of stitching. Good cleaning habits will keep these toys like this working for a very long time.  The Strict Leather Speed Snap is great for adding some girth or helping to make a cock harder by temporarily restricting the blood flow back out of a penis. Great fun enhancement device with very few drawbacks.