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Mechanophilia The Love Of Mechanical Things

Most people think of mechanophilia as the the sexual attraction to automobiles but that is a misconception. Mechanophilia is the the fetish of motorized goods. It can be a car but it can also be a washing machine, a computer, or a robot. Basically anything that is man made and runs off of some form of mechanics. This is a fairly new fetish that did not really come about until the 1920’s. It was first studied because a number of people were being arrested and placed on to sexual predator list for having sexual activities with objects. The law enforcement did not how to handle them and so they were being labeled as nuisances to society in the same way as a flasher would be. This was a huge misconception about the activity of the mechanophilia. They were not attempting to have a thrill at the expense of others instead they had a physiological attraction to objects. One of the first documented was that of a motorcycle.  We have all known that person that is protective of their property. Mechanophilia takes attraction to a whole new level it is a true sexual want to be with that object. It can include bicycles which means that it does nto require a motor just has to engineered.

I have never spoken with someone who has indicated they had this fetish. I have not ran into anyone that I felt had this particular fetish. Even though people will not know the name of a fetish a lot of time their actions and words will indicate how their sexual attraction is fetish oriented.

For me I see this as 1940’s with the very mechanical objects made of shiny metal. The newer robots are so human oriented I wonder if that will take them out of this fetish. Automobiles have always had a sexual undertone with men. They often name their cars with women’s names and when they speak of them they indicate they have female personalities. “She doesn’t want to run today” or “She is liking this cool weather and just wants to run”. Mechanophliia seems to be more male oriented unlike other fetishes that are not gender specific. There may be women out there that have just not been studied or the number is so low they are not scientifically significant.