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Goddess Worship

Goddess worship is a mindset of a man being completely committed to the woman in his life. women in control, goddess, mistress, women ran homes, Worship, While most men are raised to act as if a woman is well below them. They are taught to act like studs or as if women are disposal-able objects in their lives. While they may act like this they rarely truly feel it. A man is always looking for that one woman that he can worship. Unfortunately for women they are slow to realize the power  they can have over any man if they just behave in the way to take it.

A man desires to have a woman to follow where she controls him and he wants nothing more to give her everything that she wants. A woman just has to use that sexuality to keep a man on the edge. Teasing a man keeping him on that edge of craving a release with sensuality puts him in a position of being submissive to a woman. A woman can be a goddess in any man’s life if she tries. women in control, goddess, mistress, women ran homes, Worship,

Relationships with a woman who takes the active lead are often far happier than those where men are in charge and especially where no one is in charge. This whole concept of we are all equals in a relationship often means the relationship burns out and dies. I talk to women all the time that are bored with their man they say things like he never does all the things he did when we were dating. He never is spontaneous. The man in turn will say things like she is always angry. She never seems to even want to be around me. I am always on edge. They both will say our sex life is not were it should be or where it was.

When a woman steps up and takes control she is happier and as long as it is done out of love not snideness the relationship soon begins to flourish.  Even if a man is put in a cage for an extended amount of time with him just pleasuring her he will want to do more and more to make her happy.


Loser Monday Girls Sleep Wear


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Every sissy slut has that first night of wearing those girly things that their mistress picked out just for them. All of my sluts must get used to wearing girly things to bed each night.  One the first things I do is through out all those ugly boxer shorts and sweat pants.  Then we must go out shopping for something wonderful. This slut and I went to a department store. A really nice elderly lady at first thought we were there for me. Of course that would not do instead my made my slut stand up tall and tell her all the silky things we were purchasing were going in that special chest of drawers. While the old lady could not help but snicker she was happy to help us in every way. The first thing we had to do was find that perfect size. While that waist could be trimmed with a corset and correct exercises a sissy will always be a sissy.  We picked out several night clothes that day. I prefer to break up shopping experiences with serveral trips to draw the humiliation out.  There is something about watching a man slowly turn into a sissy boy.  The first night of wearing these girly things is what breaks down all that resolve.  Humiliation softens a man lets him know that is not in control and makes him want to give himself over to a mistress even more. For a true sissy to find his place he must have his will broken completely down so that he might be rebuilt in a much better girly boy.  When that happens then the true process of transformation can truly occur.  Starting with sleep wear and building from there we will soon make all those nasty male habits disappear and all those girly things come forward.

Brat Needs Punished In BDSM Relationships

When we are discussing the interaction between a mistress and a submissive there are some submissives who feel the need to push their mistress to the point where she must punish them. This requires a Mistress who has a lot of patience to deal with a personality that is constantly making her life difficult. Generally this type of personality is not playful and fun. The Brat is often a person who is dramatic in personality. They want to push people to the point of having them blow up with emotion. Often after a blow up the brat will then act as if they are the victim in the situation. This is far from the reality of the situation in that they set up scenario and played it out how they desired it to go. A Brat often does not understand being a willing submissive. Their actions can come out of the guilt of being submissive they want someone to force them so they are not responsible for their actions. Some Brats just enjoy trying to get the upper hand on the Mistress they may never actually intend to do it but they like the rush of almost getting there.

For a Mistress especially a new one just starting out this can be an intense frustrating situation. If she has little understanding of the mental game being played it can cause her to doubt her ability to rule her submissive. I have personally known a few Mistresses who’s first interactions were with Brats and ultimately they were their lasts. While a Brat may see this as something that is fun in the end it often backfires on them. Through the years I have spoken with numerous men who tell me of the ONE submissive relationship they have been in where after the fact they saw what they were doing. For a Mistress like myself I have no want to deal with this type of behavior. I want a willing submissive one who wants nothing more than to make me happy no matter what I ask. I have had a few submissive women who played this game and for me it emotionally exhausting. I soon grew bored with this type of submissive. I dumped them quickly with no want to have them in my life at any level. A Brat needs to make it very clear to the Mistress what and why they are doing the things they are doing. Without proper communication and both people being on the same level of understanding this situation rarely if ever ends well.

Nice Wicked Mistress vs. Mean Wicked Mistress

Having worked in the BDSM side of adult entertainment for a long time I have seen a large differentiation between two types of Mistress. These are hardcore distinctions which go clear to the core of who a woman is. The first is nice wicked mistress she is the type of woman who is more sensual she will make you cry if it pleases her but you will crave to do anything she requests. She is the woman that a man falls in love with every cell of his body will want to serve her. The second kind is mean wicked mistress she enjoys the infliction of pain and that is her turn on. She does not care whether you enjoy anything she does to you because you are unimportant to her end game. Your body is there for her to use as a tool and you can easily be replaced with anyone. There is a large group that enjoys both types of mistresses and there is no right or wrong when it comes to bdsm play.

The nice wicked mistress wants you to come to her of your own accord she wants you to desire nothing more than making her happy. She does not enjoy breaking you to get you to submit. Most of these types of mistress will quickly become bored with someone who is resisting submission. This is not about causing or not causing pain this is about that feeling of being adored. She enjoys a soft touch to bring you in then increasing the intensity till you break down for her. Once she has you to that point she will build you back up and mold you into the person she desires you to be. She uses her body and mind to put you where she wants you to be. There is generally a sexual energy to this woman in a lot of cases men and women find themselves drawn to her in ways they do not understand.

The mean wicked mistress is all about the process of breaking someone she enjoys the challenge of forcing someone into submission. For a lot of women once they reach that point they become bored with that person and move to someone else. I often talk to men that become involved with these women and about the time the man was falling for her she was moving to her next conquest. The process of submission is what she craves after she has created her perfect submissive she wants a new toy. She often does not see the submissive as a person but more of something equivalent to clay to be molded, painted and hardened with fire. She rarely falls in love with submissive a lot of these women never fall in love at all and a large number of them do not care to. They enjoy the fear they can install into someone it is almost an addiction to them.

Communication is key to having a good relationship with a mistress and understanding there is no right or wrong kind only the correct one for you.

Forced Orgasm Non Control Of Sexual Pleasure

Forced Orgasm or the non control of sexual pleasure is something both men and women enjoy. They want someone to take away all control of pleasure. This is very wide spread desire it can be a simple thing of teasing each other over and over again. It can be working someone up right to the edge but not letting them complete their orgasm in order to build up the pleasure. The other end of this spectrum is tying someone down and being very forceful into making them orgasm on your terms not theirs. For men having a vibrator being used on their testicals can bring on an intense orgasm that is closer to the threshold of pain then pleasure.  There are men that also enjoy prostate play which means stimulating the prostate until the man ejaculates. For the majority of men the prostate does not give the pleasurable orgasm that direct stimulation does. The feel of those ejaculations can leave a man feeling empty and craving that orgasm that he can not obtain through prostate stimulation. There are some men that say the orgasm they have through anal or prostate is far more intense and longer lasting then direct stimulation to the penis.

Women often enjoy having a vibrator applied to their clit or inserted. With the large selection of toys that are wireless these can worn out in public for some different types of stimulation at unusual settings.  For some women just teasing with fingers is enough to keep her right at the edge without allowing her to completely orgasm.  When she is worked up to the point that the person wants her to be at the orgasm can be very long lasting.

This is different then ruined orgasm in that at the end the person will be allowed to enjoy those sensations. These sessions can last a few minutes or it can go on for hours. You can bind someone down to where they can not move. A lot of women enjoy being held down and teased by a stronger person. It can also be a strong session of submission and control. A dominant person can just tell their submissive to lay still and the submissive must do as they are told. These sessions can be fun and sensual or strong and dominant. The variation is what makes it so much fun for so many people.

Safe, Sane, Consensual

One of the really great things about playing online or phone sex is that we can have the fantasy we desire. I can do really horrid awful things to your testicles as many times as I like. There is no real world consequences and we can replay that scene over and over. In the real world that is not the case. When you play with someone it should be something that grows in intensity over time. You need a high level of trust that the person who is in charge will always have your best interest at the fore thought of their mind. We have all known that one person who you never were quite sure what they were going to do from one moment to the next.  While this is great for fantasy having real life issues that never go away is not so great. You want the person you are playing with to be sane that is an important attribute for them to have. Safety is a huge thing when it comes power exchange there are some basic rules and common sense goes a huge ways in this. Being set up for whatever can happen. A way to untie or cut someone free is crucial for any form of bondage play especially when dealing with rope, pantyhose, tape or other form of slow release. Is the person you are with sober because having someone tied up and passing out is completely unacceptable as well as a scary way to spend a night. Recreational ingestion of substances should be left to nights where both parties have freedom of movement. Non consensual is a wonderful fantasy that a lot of people have being kidnapped by an evil mistress is something I hear a lot from guys. This is never okay in the real world though because going to jail after a night of play does not go as planned will ruin far more than one night. There are ways to add elements of crossing these lines after a very large amount of trust has been earned it is never okay to do with a new person no matter what the terms of the relationship are. A professional mistress should know better and a lifestyler should respect their partner enough to never want to endanger that relationship. It can be hard to find someone that plays in the same circles you play in so respecting their wants, safety, and their limits is always the most important element.

Have you ever had a play session go bad? Tell me about it in the comments below.