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Preston Tucker

I am huge fan of Mr. Tucker and his cars. I got a chance to go to the Speedway Museum up on Lincoln, Nebraska because we had to pick up some parts. I found out about the museum the night before we were to leave so I did not know anything about it. I like going to museums and other historical places irregardless of what they have in them just because I always learn something new. I had no idea they actually had a Tucker. The tour is about two hours long and ours had ran over in length. The very last room we go into has a Tucker in it. There was only 51 of them made and they had to crash one of them for their safety certification. I was beyond thrilled. I never thought I would actually get to see one in person. This one was a pretty blue too which was a color that Mr. Tucker fought hard to get because it was special to him and his wife. It is a great story but also a very sad one he wanted a car that was super safe and none of the big names at the time wanted to admit their cars were not as safe as they could be. In the end they killed the car line by running him out of money. The cars are gorgeous and works of art. The man was a genius in a number of ways however in the real world being super smart does not guarantee anyone success. 20150320_154724


For those that are not aware these cars were rear engine that is not seen too often in car design. The Volkswagen Beetle is the one most people are familiar with.



After leaving I did a little cell phone research because I was still all excited about actually getting to see one up close. This particular car was used in the movie Tucker The Man and His Dream one of only 2 used in the film. If you have not seen the movie check it out it is one of the few times that Hollywood stayed true to the real story well for the most part. A lot of the things on the Tucker became standard on later vehicles such as seat belts, safety glass, and move able headlights.