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Expanding My Circles

I tend to get bored in life I get tired of doing the same thing over and over. So for the past couple of months I have been looking into affiliate marketing. I will admit that at this moment I am completely lost. As far as the adult side it seems a little more like a lot confusing and these people that work in this industry give up NO secrets so it is a fight to even learn anything. This all started after Niteflirt decided to change their whole set up. It used to be that if we girls/guys worked hard, put our time in, and worked our customer list we would get decent traffic (people coming to see us). Then Niteflirt started this whole bidding thing along with other changes. So I am no longer in my guys favorites list like I used to me. I am no longer at a place on the list by my hard work. Nope I am BURIED I mean like hundreds of places down from where I used to be. The reason for this is because I refuse to PAY niteflirt to put me in a decent spot. So because of all that I decided to look into advertising venues to get me out there. Yeah not so easy when you work in the adult industry everything is pay to play. I really dont make THAT much money I do okay but not great. From there everyone was screaming affiliate that is where the money is at but I have yet to find that damn Leprechaun. It is fun to learn new stuff and explore new things so I am still hanging in there to see what I can do. 



Welcome to my wicked world. Femdom, Fetish Queen and Kinky Advisor Goddess Bella Donna aka Mysteria on NF loves to hear your confessions, dominate you and control your world. I specialize in Fetish and Femdom, Paranormal Roleplay and give loving advice to alternative lifestyle newbies. Give me a call and let’s get to know each other. Mature, BBW with a down to earth attitude, easy laugh and a wicked imagination.

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Ms Lexi Lala

Ms Lexi Lala

Had a great time with my friend Lexi over the last couple of days. She is like me a country girl. She came down and went deer hunting for a day (it was suppose to be a couple of days) but she got one the very first morning she went out. So we spent the next couple of days lounging around the house having fun and getting her stuff set up on Niteflirt. She is moving down close to me around the first of next month and I am super excited. She is professional dancer so some of you might know her from the clubs. Like me she is dominate and really enjoys butting bitch boys and girls in their place. Give her a call and have some fun with her. http://www.niteflirt.com/pid/26147803

Awesome Fall Weekend

It has been a great weekend. The weather has been about perfect and I have been enjoying every minute of it. Football season is in full swing and I really enjoy all the college games when I get to watch them. Hope everyone is doing okay with all the chaos around us these last few weeks. I am not that worried we will survive whatever these idiots choose to throw at us that is what makes us such a great country. Not sure how they will all fair in the next election personally I think it should be a full house cleaning sometimes you just have to move out all the old furniture to find the dust bunnies. Hanging out on niteflirt you should come join me and have some fun or stop by and see Chilly she would enjoy hearing from you. 

Well Starting Fresh

So I built this blog for me and Chilly Hicks because Tumblr is not my favorite, we lost blogger to the stuffy people and I want our niteflirt guys to have some fun with us too. It is all new to me so it will probably take a few days for me to get used to it all bear with us through this transition period.  This year has been a hard road for us and I am hoping as we go into fall things will get a lot easier and a lot more fun. Niteflirt has had some major issues and made some major changes. This has caused a lot of problems over all. We have gotten buried in lists and calls have just not connected like they should. We still adore niteflirt and are plugging away hoping that each day gets a little better. We are still on pretty much every day for around 12 hours a day so we are HERE! We have been doing movies this whole year but I think a lot of you dont even know we have.  It is time to get things back on track and moving forward. So come join us find out the latest stuff give us a call and lets all have some fun because that is what is all about.