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Oculolinctus Fetish Eye Ball Licking

Oculolinctus or eye ball licking which is also known as worming  made main stream news a few years ago because it had become popular in Japan. It was causing a number of health issues and some people even lost their sight. This is one of those fetishes that is not a good idea. The human mouth contains a lot of bacteria that does not need to be in the eye. The eye ball is very easy to scratch and even the bumps on a tongue can cause a scratch which can be easily infected. I am not sure where the sexual gratification of having one’s eye licked. This does not seem to be a fetish that is historical like many of the others we have looked at. It seems to almost be under what I would call fad for preteens and teenagers. Oculolinctus appears to have come out of a number of Japanese animated publications. Basically it came out of fiction and an impressionable group started to pick up on it. Like a number of fads people started talking about it and then started to try it. The age of those that seem to be practicing it the most are of ones that try a lot of different sexual experiments. It is not a good practice and the damage it can cause can be irreversible.  Eyes are very delicate and once damaged often can not be repaired.  While the eye is full of nerves and it may be super sensitive to the stroking of a tongue there are many other wonderful parts of the body that are also sensitive and less susceptible to irreversible damage.  Toes are a good choice for exploration they  have a lot of nerve endings respond to even the slightest touch and covered with skin. Skin is our barrier against infection and it works very well to protect the body from outside bacteria and infections.  The eyes should be left to looking into not invading with a tongue.   This is one that I would say to not try this at home or anywhere else.