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The fetish of gerontophilia is one we see in comedies a lot but not one that is discussed in a lot of ways. Gerontophilia is a fetish of being sexually drawn to someone that is significantly older than one’s self. This is not someone trying to move themselves up the financial ladder. This is a sexual fetish of how someone’s skin feels, skin looks, graying hair, and other things normally thought to be of elderly years. This fetish is seen in women and men there is not a scientifically significant difference between the sexes. The people who are into gerontophilia are generally happy to be with someone older. They may have issues with those around them because of the major difference in age. This is fetish is not directly correlated with incestuous fetishes. While a person is attracted to someone older is not because they have a “mommy” or a “daddy” issue.  There has not been a lot of studies of this fetish. Those that have been done have generally focused on younger man attracted to much older woman.  This fetish is not viewed as a sexual malfunction or an issue to be addressed by a psychiatrist.  Generally it is viewed as both parties are consenting adults and there is no need to view it in any other way.  When researching this I noticed that most of the things that come up in a search are of comedy utilization of gerontophilia. That is one of the terrible things about modern comedy in that a number of fetishes are treated in a way to make those that see anything about them as just something made up for entertainment. Something else that I noticed is that this fetish appears to either be more mainstream or more prevalent in Japan.  I have not met someone that admitted to me they felt a strong sexual attraction towards those that are significantly older. I did know two girls in high school that met and married men in their 40’s while these girls were still in their late teens. Now whether this was a fetish of age, a replacement of a father figure or just two girls who desired to not have to worry about financial stability I am not sure.  Is this a fetish that you find yourself drawn to? Have you ever known someone that was into only people that were older? If this is of your interest please share your thoughts on the subject in the comments below.