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Sexual Appeal Of Women’s Hips

When looking back through history we see a lot of use of women’s hips.  Some of the earliest forms of art we have depict a woman’s hips and breasts.  These parts of a woman were seen as attractive. 

Even as we look past the prehistoric and into Greek/Roman times women were seen as lovely creatures with beautiful curves. Throughout all regions and all dates we see the same want of a woman to have large breasts and large hips. 

Only in modern times do we see the drive through art and media for women to have straight lines. If you follow the news at all you see the fight going on for BBW models. These women are not bbw they look like the female goddess of ancient times. They are not obese or over weight. They have hips and breasts and a waist in between.  That is how a woman should look. She should be set apart from a man. Women should be soft that does not mean she should not be fit there is nothing wrong with being in shape. Women should look different then men though. My opinion is based on all the years I have been doing phone sex and web camming. Men in generally like the sexual attributes of women and large hips are one of the things they crave. An hour glass figure is something fun to run your hands down and then to be able to reach back grabbing a handful of soft round bottom. That is just sexy at least to a bi girl like myself. I want to be with a woman because she is a woman. Yes there are some men that are attracted the biggest hips you can imagine; I doubt that applies to the vast majority of men though. Most just desire a curvy body that is a little soft to lay on. Hips that are large enough to through a leg over and relax into. What about you what do you think is sexy in a woman? Are you into a woman that is small chested and very skinny? If so what is attractive to you about that physique? Do you like a woman that is curvy with larger breasts, larger hips and a inset waist line? I would really enjoy hearing your thought on this in the comments below.