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Chrome Triple Cock & Ball

I bought this for my personal collection about a year ago. I greatly enjoy using cock toys with my partners for a large variety of reasons. This one is a personal favorite of mine. For a more endowed gentleman it can be a little difficult to get into at first. We have found that putting it on while he is in the shower works very well.

toys number oneOnce it is on I am told it is very comfortable to wear. It makes the balls swell up nice and full. The cock generally gets about an inch thicker than without it. From a woman’s perspective girth is nice to have. Cock rings are wonderful especially for a man that is getting a little older and may not get to the hardness that he used to. They are a way to play that does not require a visit to the doctor. If a man gets stones a huge hard orgasm will sometimes clear those right out. So yes they could be considered a medical device. I really enjoy this one because it creates an angle with the shaft that hits all the perfect places that I desire to have a penis rub against me inside. It does help with endurance so that a man can stay harder a lot longer.

To put this on it look complicated when you take it out of the box and they generally do not come with instructions. The rings are different sizes the largest ring is the one that goes closest to your body. Your shaft and balls slide through that whole ring. Then you have to work your testicles through the lower ring one at a time. You can not put this on when you are engorged it will be a highly unpleasant experience if you try. After you have finished playing you need to let your penis go flaccid before you try to remove it. Again warm water and a little soap goes a long ways if it is being a wee bit stubborn. Most the times it comes off very easily after you are done because you have such a hard orgasm while wearing it. It does take a little pre thought and planning but the experience for both partners is well worth that effort. This is one of my personal picks that I highly recommend giving it a try and seeing what it does for you and your partner.