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Hierophilia Fetish Towards Religious Objects

Hierophilia is the fetish of sexual arousal towards religious objects. I have actually had quite a few people that were into religious objects some were into cruifixes others into Bibles and more than a few who were into being seduced by religious people both nun and priests. While most that I have spoken to seemed to be more into using religious objects as a means of breaking away from religion. There have been a few through the years that were completely infatuated with certain objects. It is generally an early imprenting that creates the fetishes that I have been exposed to. Most people can tell you exactly what started their fetish it makes a dramatic impact that does not leave them. The vast majority of people I have spoken to over the years that had hierophilia came from a strict Catholic upbringing. Most of the people that I have spoken to were in their mid 50’s to 60’s and spoke greatly of having to go to Catholic school. The strictness of the Nuns and being completley surrounded by religious objects created the fetish. This is a fairly harmless fetish and rarely causes any issues unless it is found out by family members who do not understand the underlying causes of fetishes. Most people can find ways to indulge in their desires without impacting other parts of their lives. It can be treated if becomes to life impacting through the use of therapy, hypnosis, and other normal psychological treatments. Most people are not impacted to a degree that causes intervention. The interesting part of this is that most people’s dedication to their religion is not impacted by their fetish. They are still religious and continue to go to church as they normally would.

Do you know or are you  hierophiliac tell me all about it in the comments below.