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Agalmatophilia The Fetish of Mannequin Sexual Attraction

The fetish of Agalmatophilia is sexual attraction to mannequins or statues. This is a fetish that we see a lot of in popular culture it has been expanded into all sorts of inanimate objects but the baseline is the same. I can remember my first exposure to the fetish of agalmatophilia with the movie Mannequin where he falls in love with the mannequin and then she comes alive for them to live happily ever after.  In the movie he creates her and then she comes alive but only when she is with him everyone else sees her as an inanimate object. This movie depicts a number of the things that this fetish encompasses the act of having a desire to be with and feel those objects are capable of giving back some form of emotional feedback.

This is a fetish that is very old and well documented through the years. It can be a pure sexual thing where the person desires to have sexual contact and relations with some form of inanimate object from mannequins, dolls, statues, as well as other things. It can show itself as just interaction with an object to a level of obsessive compulsive actions. It can also be a desire to become the object themselves. It is believed by some that the fetish of  pygmalionism may also be part of this fetish or an extension of it. Pygmalionism is the love or desire of an object that one has created themselves. This could be a stuffed doll, a statue, or perhaps even a teddy bear.  While this fetish has been depicted in numerous ancient types of art and literature. It was not looked at by doctors or scientist until 1877. It is one of older fetishes to be looked into by the medical community.  It is now easier for those that have this fetish to have a sexual object for their desires. The newer sex dolls are extremely realistic compared to the old blow up dolls from years ago. They have realistic skin and soft touchable hair. They warm to the touch and are completely poseable. Those with this fetish can now have a number of different ways of expressing it. The new robots in Japan are extremely humanoid.

With the internet and the exposure to different fetishes is far more common to see people having open discussions about them in a way that is not making fun of.

Is this a fetish that interests you or have you known someone with the fetish of agalmatophilia? Tell me about it in the comments below.