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Loser Monday Girls Sleep Wear


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Every sissy slut has that first night of wearing those girly things that their mistress picked out just for them. All of my sluts must get used to wearing girly things to bed each night.  One the first things I do is through out all those ugly boxer shorts and sweat pants.  Then we must go out shopping for something wonderful. This slut and I went to a department store. A really nice elderly lady at first thought we were there for me. Of course that would not do instead my made my slut stand up tall and tell her all the silky things we were purchasing were going in that special chest of drawers. While the old lady could not help but snicker she was happy to help us in every way. The first thing we had to do was find that perfect size. While that waist could be trimmed with a corset and correct exercises a sissy will always be a sissy.  We picked out several night clothes that day. I prefer to break up shopping experiences with serveral trips to draw the humiliation out.  There is something about watching a man slowly turn into a sissy boy.  The first night of wearing these girly things is what breaks down all that resolve.  Humiliation softens a man lets him know that is not in control and makes him want to give himself over to a mistress even more. For a true sissy to find his place he must have his will broken completely down so that he might be rebuilt in a much better girly boy.  When that happens then the true process of transformation can truly occur.  Starting with sleep wear and building from there we will soon make all those nasty male habits disappear and all those girly things come forward.