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Ghost Writing Social Media Marketing

I am offering ghost writing for listings and profiles. If you are needing help with key words, expanding your writing, writing to a certain niche, or making things more interesting please email me.

I charge .04 a word with a 300 word minimum. There is a reason for 300 words. The search engines will not pick up anything under 300 words.
Are you trying to build a blog but just can not seem to get it off the ground contact me.

I can help you set up a calendar for blog subjects.

Help you with key words for your niche.

Help you with finding free content that you can expand on for your blog.

I can write blog posts for you on specific fetishes that you actually deal with or would like to invite. These would be your articles that would not be used by myself or anyone else.
Are you struggling with social media trying to figure out what to post about? I can help you with this with an indepth breakdown of what you have now and how to improve that. I charge $20 for this and can generally have it done in a day.

If you are needing a social media calendar I can help with this at well. This will be 52 weeks of content one a day. For $20 if you are wanting more per day I can do that as well.  Ever social media outlet has a different recommendation I can help you work out how often you should be posting on social media.

I will do a BASIC 10 point break down of social media for anyone for free. Just get ahold of me and I will happily help you out with this.

If you are needing help with a different kind of project not listed here hit me up we can work something out.

Shoot me an email dianecallaway@gmail.com