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Brat Needs Punished In BDSM Relationships

When we are discussing the interaction between a mistress and a submissive there are some submissives who feel the need to push their mistress to the point where she must punish them. This requires a Mistress who has a lot of patience to deal with a personality that is constantly making her life difficult. Generally this type of personality is not playful and fun. The Brat is often a person who is dramatic in personality. They want to push people to the point of having them blow up with emotion. Often after a blow up the brat will then act as if they are the victim in the situation. This is far from the reality of the situation in that they set up scenario and played it out how they desired it to go. A Brat often does not understand being a willing submissive. Their actions can come out of the guilt of being submissive they want someone to force them so they are not responsible for their actions. Some Brats just enjoy trying to get the upper hand on the Mistress they may never actually intend to do it but they like the rush of almost getting there.

For a Mistress especially a new one just starting out this can be an intense frustrating situation. If she has little understanding of the mental game being played it can cause her to doubt her ability to rule her submissive. I have personally known a few Mistresses who’s first interactions were with Brats and ultimately they were their lasts. While a Brat may see this as something that is fun in the end it often backfires on them. Through the years I have spoken with numerous men who tell me of the ONE submissive relationship they have been in where after the fact they saw what they were doing. For a Mistress like myself I have no want to deal with this type of behavior. I want a willing submissive one who wants nothing more than to make me happy no matter what I ask. I have had a few submissive women who played this game and for me it emotionally exhausting. I soon grew bored with this type of submissive. I dumped them quickly with no want to have them in my life at any level. A Brat needs to make it very clear to the Mistress what and why they are doing the things they are doing. Without proper communication and both people being on the same level of understanding this situation rarely if ever ends well.

Nice Wicked Mistress vs. Mean Wicked Mistress

Having worked in the BDSM side of adult entertainment for a long time I have seen a large differentiation between two types of Mistress. These are hardcore distinctions which go clear to the core of who a woman is. The first is nice wicked mistress she is the type of woman who is more sensual she will make you cry if it pleases her but you will crave to do anything she requests. She is the woman that a man falls in love with every cell of his body will want to serve her. The second kind is mean wicked mistress she enjoys the infliction of pain and that is her turn on. She does not care whether you enjoy anything she does to you because you are unimportant to her end game. Your body is there for her to use as a tool and you can easily be replaced with anyone. There is a large group that enjoys both types of mistresses and there is no right or wrong when it comes to bdsm play.

The nice wicked mistress wants you to come to her of your own accord she wants you to desire nothing more than making her happy. She does not enjoy breaking you to get you to submit. Most of these types of mistress will quickly become bored with someone who is resisting submission. This is not about causing or not causing pain this is about that feeling of being adored. She enjoys a soft touch to bring you in then increasing the intensity till you break down for her. Once she has you to that point she will build you back up and mold you into the person she desires you to be. She uses her body and mind to put you where she wants you to be. There is generally a sexual energy to this woman in a lot of cases men and women find themselves drawn to her in ways they do not understand.

The mean wicked mistress is all about the process of breaking someone she enjoys the challenge of forcing someone into submission. For a lot of women once they reach that point they become bored with that person and move to someone else. I often talk to men that become involved with these women and about the time the man was falling for her she was moving to her next conquest. The process of submission is what she craves after she has created her perfect submissive she wants a new toy. She often does not see the submissive as a person but more of something equivalent to clay to be molded, painted and hardened with fire. She rarely falls in love with submissive a lot of these women never fall in love at all and a large number of them do not care to. They enjoy the fear they can install into someone it is almost an addiction to them.

Communication is key to having a good relationship with a mistress and understanding there is no right or wrong kind only the correct one for you.

Smart Ass Masochist (SAM)

As a dominant woman I have encountered all kinds of different submissive people. I personally enjoy a sweet daunting submissive. I am not really into inflicting pain to people though I am capable of it with no remorse. As a more seductive and sensual Goddess I tend to get annoyed by SAM’s. A SAM is someone that enjoys causing problems to the point that they are punished. This is the male equivalent to a brat. They go out of their way to annoy their Mistress or Master. They intentionally do things that they know will enrage their dominant partner. This is not part of a play session. It is more of  drama look at me and then punish me thing. For dominant people that enjoy just being overly aggressive and punishing incessantly it might be enjoyable. For those of us that enjoy the more sensual side of things it quickly loses the appeal and boredom of the situation sets in. SAM’s are not about pleasing someone they are instead about making someone irritated to the point of angry then acting like they do not understand what the problem is. In a lot of ways they are extremely passive aggressive to the degree of blaming the dominant person. I have seen SAM’s do things like blaming the dominant person for everything and saying such statements as ‘I can never do anything right’  or ‘you always find fault in me’. A person on the outside of the situation can easily identify that the submissive person is breaking rules in order to illicit a response then becoming upset at the response.  This can be a very upsetting relationship for a dominant as they are trying to create stability and SAM’s are always trying to undo that stability. It tends to not be a loving relationship but more of pull of power back and forth with the use of guilt as the main determinating factor. For a dominant person that is just looking for a way to punish someone they might find some enjoyment out of this. For most dominant people it is a dangerous situation to be involved in. With a loving submissive/dominant relationship there is always that understanding of what the submissive is wanting. In a SAM relationship that level of security is missing.  Most dominant people including myself avoid these types of relationships because of the level of frustration and the degree of insecurity of the submissive’s actual position.

Safe, Sane, Consensual

One of the really great things about playing online or phone sex is that we can have the fantasy we desire. I can do really horrid awful things to your testicles as many times as I like. There is no real world consequences and we can replay that scene over and over. In the real world that is not the case. When you play with someone it should be something that grows in intensity over time. You need a high level of trust that the person who is in charge will always have your best interest at the fore thought of their mind. We have all known that one person who you never were quite sure what they were going to do from one moment to the next.  While this is great for fantasy having real life issues that never go away is not so great. You want the person you are playing with to be sane that is an important attribute for them to have. Safety is a huge thing when it comes power exchange there are some basic rules and common sense goes a huge ways in this. Being set up for whatever can happen. A way to untie or cut someone free is crucial for any form of bondage play especially when dealing with rope, pantyhose, tape or other form of slow release. Is the person you are with sober because having someone tied up and passing out is completely unacceptable as well as a scary way to spend a night. Recreational ingestion of substances should be left to nights where both parties have freedom of movement. Non consensual is a wonderful fantasy that a lot of people have being kidnapped by an evil mistress is something I hear a lot from guys. This is never okay in the real world though because going to jail after a night of play does not go as planned will ruin far more than one night. There are ways to add elements of crossing these lines after a very large amount of trust has been earned it is never okay to do with a new person no matter what the terms of the relationship are. A professional mistress should know better and a lifestyler should respect their partner enough to never want to endanger that relationship. It can be hard to find someone that plays in the same circles you play in so respecting their wants, safety, and their limits is always the most important element.

Have you ever had a play session go bad? Tell me about it in the comments below.

Total Power Exchange By Goddess Natasha

Total power exchange refers to the D/s relationship dynamic where the Dominant is now responsible for all decisions. In My case, I am referring to someone who is serving Me and in the course of Our time together agrees to abide by My rules and commands. This is a bit different from an Absolute Power Exchange that I have with personal slaves. Personal slaves submit and serve on a much deeper level and I require much more authority on many aspects of their life. Some of these aspects include chastity, sexual activities and how they spend their time.

Total Power Exchange

Also referred to as TPE this exchange of power where I now have control and authority is paramount for My excitement and enjoyment.

First and foremost, it is all about the level of control which should be no surprise to anyone! The more control I have, the more exciting it is for Me. I am not talking just about physical control but the controlling of a submissives thoughts, desires and actions! It is all about the reprogramming and manipulating and seducing someone into doing what I want them to! After all, the secret to domination is making you want what I want!

I am not referring to beating someone into submission. In reality, almost anyone can do that. I am referring to the mental and intellectual effort that it takes to get inside someone’s head! When that happens, well, that is where the true power and control is!

There are a variety of ways that I can accomplish this level of control. One is by erotic hypnosis and mind control which can be a very powerful tool. Two is by seduction. Women have been seducing men since the dawn of time. By listening as well as reading a submissives body language I can learn just what excites him and arouses him to the point that he will do anything that I command. Learning his fetishes such as leather, high heels, stockings, I can use this knowledge to dominate, seduce and manipulate.

As I tell My submissives, total power exchange is about complete surrender. Surrendering yourself and giving up your personal power. Letting go and submitting to My wants, needs and desires. There is truly a freedom in this surrender.

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Dominant Submissive Relationship

There are many layers to a dominant and submissive relationships and there are many different kinds of relationships.  A lot of people think that being a submissive means being humiliated and physically harmed.  Where there are some submissive’s that enjoy this or maybe even enjoy it on occasion, the majority of sub missives are not like that at all. Some dominants want a submissive that has to be broken that they have to beat into submission. There are also submissive people who don’t want to be full time they only want to experience that every once in awhile.  For me this is not what I want.  A number of you that talk to me know that I want a submissive to want to be under my control. I get annoyed with having to break someone. I do not mind giving instructions or even discipline when required. I do not want to have to force someone under my control though. I have dismissed both in person playmates and phone sex playmates when they want me to mentally, physically and emotionally break them down. I am not sadistic by nature I can be wicked at times but I do not enjoy hurting people I care for. If I do not care for someone then the gloves are off and  I do not feel regret nor remorse. I have a high degree of respect for my submissive I want to take them to a new level of desire and submission.  If someone claims to be my submissive then I demand that they work hard to learn everything about me. I want them to learn to serve me without my micro managing their every move.  I get a number of guys that tell me ‘I am submissive I will do anything to be your real live in slave’ and I ask what would you do for me. The reply is always ‘what would you ask of me’. That is not a submissive that is being passive aggressive. A real submissive which I have had the joy of having in my life goes of out of their way to find things to make their dominant happy.  I should never have to ask what you are going to do for me. It should be something you show in every action towards me. Someone that I consider my submissive will always go above and beyond to make my life easier and happier.

Have you ever been in a full time dominant submissive relationship? If so tell me about it in the comments below.

Paradox of Power Exchange Between Dominate And Submissive

I have been studying domination and submission for over thirty years now and the misunderstanding of the relationship between the two is astonding to me. I have only been doing phone sex, camming and amatuer movies for seven years. There is a huge adulteration of the relationship in the industry. I have been kicked out of Mistress sites because I did not follow their rules of what a Mistress should be. I am in and have always been in a loving dominate relationship that is what I crave whether it be male or female in nature. I do not live my life through a heavy hand but when I set the rules I demand that they be followed. I enjoy laughing and having a good time with the people I am with. I do not have to be in complete control all the time in fact there are a lot of times I do not honestly care.  One of the major differences between my philosophy of dominate and submissive and the online version is that I am a lifestyler. I have a life that is far more encompassing than just bedroom play. I want my submissives to have happy lives and while I will push their limits I do not go beyond those limits I respect them. While a short term fantasy is a  wonderful thing it should never be confused with real life. I often get men that call me saying they want to be a full time live in slave. I have no issue with that there are many people that live that way. But these men have zero understanding of the realities of that life they want a woman to take away everything their family, their friends, their money, their hole self worth. This might make for a great weekend fantasy or for a novel, however, it will not work in the real world. For those that live the life style understand that at the end of the day it is the submissive that is in control of the relationship. It is their level of desire to submit (not be controlled) which creates the wonderful dynamic of this form of relationship. While there is some fun in forced submission play people can not live a day to day life like that it becomes physically, emotionally and mentally exhausting. A submissive has to want to serve and must go out of their way to serve for them to be dominated long term.

Tell me your thoughts on the paradox of power exchange in the comments below.

What is our Favorite Fetish?

Chilly and I are often asked this question and while we both enjoy a wide variety of things there are a few things that we enjoy a little bit more. We both really like pantyhose there is just something about them that makes a girl very feminine and also in control. I have a great liking to boots well shoes is probably a more adequate description. I adore having my feet worshipped and daunted on. Being worshipped all over my body makes me very happy. Chilly is a little bit more submissive she likes being told what to do. She likes that you tell her how to please you. I have always had a great enjoyment of sissy guys dressing them up, putting them down it is all fun. Now Chilly and I have explored a number of different fetishes so this is more what we enjoy on a regular basis not what we enjoy over all. Do you have a favorite fetish that you want to talk about. Give us a call and lets have some fun with it.