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Licking That Hard Shaft

Oh I see that cock and I want it so bad. I need to feel your big thick throbbing cock in my mouth. There is just something intimate about giving a long slow blow job. Getting down on my knees and unzipping those pants with my teeth. I pull out your flaccid cock and tease it until you are super hard. I want to taste your pre cum on my lips. The feel of your strong manly hand on the back of my head makes me so wet. I am here for you when ever you want me the thought of exhibitionism is a wonderful wicked thought to me. I will be one of those girls that gives you a blowjob in the back of your truck on the beach. You can put me under the table at the bar and give me a nice round of face fucking while you drink your beer. Take me outside in the alley and make me deep throat your throbbing cock. The taste of your hot sweaty musky balls after you have working out makes me just want to continue to lick them all over. I will worship that cock of your kissing all over it, slowly licking up the shaft, teasing the underside of the head and then giving you a thorough cock sucking. I want you to take me hard.

If you are in the mood for a little more kink then we can do that. I have a number of toys to give your manliness a fun intense night of cock and ball torture. I enjoy when I slap those balls around to make you beg for my mouth. Spanking your shaft while you push towards me using your body to ask for more. We can always get out the clothes pins and make your balls all kinds of pretty colors. When you are lathered in sweat from all the things I have done to you then I will stroke you off and tease you till you drain those balls of every last drop of come. I want to know that you want me more than anything else. We can play in all kinds of fun ways but right now it is all about that phallus of yours.

Let me feel your cock! Call me!

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