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Women and Guns

This came up today so I thought I would touch on the subject. I am an avid shooter and sometimes hunter. I have shot guns of some kind since I was a little girl I can outshoot or hold my own with the majority of men. I do not currently carry a pistol with me but I may change that at some point in my life. I am not against it but I just do not have a reason to at this time. I am generally home all day and night and certaintly have enough here at the house to hold off a small army. I am all for women shooting but I really and strongly believe that if a woman chooses to carry a pistol she needs to do more than just take a class.

1. She needs to be fully vested into this and practice often (shooting is fun and great stress relief).

2. She needs to know how to take her pistol apart clean it and put it back together all on her own.

3. She needs to be taught how to handle jams, stove pipes, and all other issues that can happen.

4. She needs to have a lawyer that she has paid a retainer too and sat down with to discuss her rights.  

5. She needs to take the time to talk to her police chief, sheriff, and/or prosecuting attorney.

Having and owning firearms is a huge responsibility and a person needs to know what they are in for and what they can and can not do. 

Are Women Porn Stars Happier than average women?

I was reading an article that posed this question and it really got me to thinking. In some ways I think it is true but it all depends on the portion of a person’s life you are looking at and whether they have a strong support system. I think women in the porn industry are more in tune with their sexuality they have been forced to examine a lot of aspects of their sexuality.  If a porn woman has a partner that is comfortable with her line of work and does not use it to pick fights or put her down then I think that yes she and her partner are a lot more open and honest with each other. I run into a number of men who never tell their partners their fantasies because of all the fallout from that.  I think in some ways working in the adult industry frees women to think and feel how they truly feel about their own sexuality.