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Importance of Flirting

In The Flirtatious Fifties it is talking about being an older adult and the joy of having a stranger give you a little attention for just a snippet of time. This is not about the dangerous kind of flirting that causes people to get hurt or relationships to end that kind is not healthy. Having a stranger show you a little extra attention can make you feel good and them too. Flirting is actually good for a person it makes you feel that you are still a sensual person to someone other than your significant other. It brings out the best in people and is emotionally uplifting for a longer time then just the encounter. We often try to deny our sexuality especially women. We are taught by society that we should only have a sexual desire for our significant other. This of course is completely untrue strangers and off chance situations can be very stimulating. It does not mean we have to act on those feelings or that cheating is in any way acceptable behavior. Cheating is at its core lying and that is never okay to do with someone that you have built trust with. To innocently flirt with someone is harmless and in a lot of ways healthy for a relationship. We often become complacent with the person we are with the same sexual routine every night; which is comforting like our favorite meals. The issue becomes when we no longer feel the stimulation from the desire to have sex that we used to feel. Flirting can help kick start that desire especially in women the thrill of thinking about someone who is not going to actually have an detrimental effect on our lives is in a lot of ways like living a small portion of a romance novel. That fantasy can be enough to make a woman think about sexy lingerie, toys, or different positions. Flirting with someone if kept in check can help people feel sexy and wanted which during long term relationships sometimes gets lost in the daily grind. We all need to feel the butterflies for couples that have been part of each others daily routines. The day to day life can often take huge toll on the feelings of being a sexual being. The important thing is having the personal restraint and the respect of ones self as well as their spouse to keep it at an innocent stage.