Ten Most Brutal Female Rulers

I have a number of men that are into women with power. I came across this article and thought about all those guys that want to be completely controlled.  Out of the ten rulers (they call them Queens but they were not all Queens) I chose some of my favorite ones to write about. So follow the link below and check out their list of really horrible women. There were a number of them I do not remember from history class but that is not surprising to me. Some of these ladies were extremely brutal on a one to one basis. To me sending out troops to kill massive amounts of people does not count as brutal.

Starting out with Queen Elizabeth Aka the Virgin Queen though most historians do not believe she was a virgin. Case in point she was known for having a number of lovers throughout her life. She was  the daughter of Henry VIII so she came from a legacy of ruthless behavior. For those that are not familiar her father had her mother decapitated when she was around two years old and then declared Elizabeth illegitimate. Her rise to power was an ongoing family feud that ended with a number of family members dead or locked away for years of imprisonment. While Queen Elizabeth could be brutal to those in her inner circle her people under her rule prospered in numerous ways. While she is not my favorite brutal female ruler she does get honorable mention.

We now move to Queen Mary 1 Aka Bloody Mary she is another daughter of Henry VIII who’s mother though different from Queen Elizabeth was beheaded.  Queen Mary was known for her murdering of close to 300 protestants due to religious  upheaval in her country.  This family obviously had some internal issues. Again while she was brutal in some ways she is not the winner in my opinion.

The winner for me is Countess Elizabeth Bathory de Escsed  she is believed to be the most prolific serial killer of all time. Her victims are believed to be over 600. She enjoyed killing mainly young girls. She enjoyed dismembering people and bathing in their blood. While the thought of having a controlling woman I would think that someone of her nature is way over what men day dream about. Reading about her brutality makes a lot of men seem very weak in comparison. She was finally put on trial and placed in a tower for four years until she died in her sleep.



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