Tights Movie Clip4sale

tights, nylons, mini skirt, tease, large breasts
Price: $5.99
Size: 27 MB
Length: 5 minutes
Chilly Hicks is wearing her thick bright red tights which are very tight against her skin. With her ultra white mini over the top of them and her tight black spaghetti strap tank top. She is showing off all those wonderful curves of hers. There a no shoes in this video just her tiny feet and little toes covered by those thick nylon tights. Stretching her foot way out she shoes off those pointy feet of hers. Turning around nice and slow she bends over the bed to show off that pretty ass covered in those tights and peeking out of that skirt. Lifting up that skirt she teases you with that bottom of hers that is perfectly outlined by those tights. Putting her vagina right up to your face she teases it through those tights and shows you how wonderful her pussy lips show through. Pulling those tights way up she knows how much you enjoy that camel toe. With just the tips of her fingers she traces those pussy lips. Bending back over the bed she pushes that bottom of hers way out. Slowly swishing it side to side teasing you with that tiny little ass of hers. Taking off that little skirt down to just her tights she knows how much you crave the feel of them against your skin. You need to reach out and let your hands rub all up and down those soft silky tights. Putting that camel toe right up to your face for you to smell how wonderful her pussy is. Rubbing her fingers against that clit through that fabric makes it very sensitive. Chilly Hicks can not get enough of rubbing her fingers over those soft silky tights of hers.


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