Happy Holidays

Hope  everyone had a great Thanksgiving. We just did a small meal turkey, rolls, tatters, gravy and cranberry sauce it was really good. I finally got all the left over turkey up. Took Onna some scraps she is now a happy puppy. Sitting down in front of a fire drinking my malibu and iced coffee ready to enjoy the rest of my afternoon. Hope you are having a great day. I will be on niteflirt all day so if wife/girlfriend is out fighting the crowds come spend some time with me and lets have our own fun. I promice I will not tell on you.



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Today should have been a productive day but I had no motivation at all. So instead I just kept thinking about what I should be doing and listening to music. All different kinds of music from blues to hiphop and everything in between. Now the sun is going down and I have no desire to do anything at all. Usually I am a go go go person but today she just got up and went. Hopefully tomorrow I will be more into making things happen.