Unblocking Someone

This is one of the subjects that I get asked about over and over. I understand that sometimes flirts can get annoying. Sometimes you are just having a bad day and that one more email irritates you. After you have blocked someone, you might revisit the idea later. Thinking about it you might actually start to miss her or him. At that point you really want to unblock so you can communicate with them again. Before we go into how to undo that action let us talk a little on how to avoid the situation to begin with. It is okay to ask to be removed from mailings we are human we understand that sometimes things are just a little over whelming. Before you do that take two minutes and make sure that is what you truly want. For a lot of people I talk to emails are an important way of communicating with each other. For me it is how I communicate new movies, picture sets, mp3 etc. It is how I let my online friends know if I have something important going on in my life. It is also how the flirts can give away free pictures, minutes, and other things. If after that two minute break you decide to block someone then by all means do so.  If after a few weeks you no longer think that blocking was a good idea you can unblock a flirt. You can go to your email and  click on Options tab. See if the flirts name is in the Blocked Members. When you have located the flirts name, highlight it and click the option Unblock.  For Some reason this seems easy once you do it but the instructions are not easily available. The best way to deal with a situation is always communication so please email before you block any flirt.

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