What Does Erotic Mean To Me?

The words erotica and erotic are often thrown around to mean different things. When it comes to us on a personal level these words can have very different meanings from individual to individual. I have been working in adult industries for over ten years now. I have had a wonderful time talking with men and women about the things that turn them on. The mainstream porn sites rarely put out content that would appeal to the people I have interacted with throughout all these years. This could be I attract a certain kind of people and that would make sense. On the other aspect, it could be the producers think they know what people want without actually knowing what people want. I can remember years ago when porn had some type of story most the time these were cheesy but at least it was something we could follow. About ten years ago things starting shifting to a hardcore sexual loop. I have read or watched adult content since I was a teenager when the industry starting shifting to just looping sex scenes I lost interest. Erotica to me is the work up a sexual act. I like the interaction between myself and my partner the push and pull of teasing that makes the moment exciting. When I read or write a scene I want to draw out those moments. There is something magical about how we react to those around us in a sexual manner. This interaction is what made sex so exciting when we were young. Most of us feel that spark of such simple actions as holding hands or having our skin touch another person. When we are older we want to bring that electricity back into our lives. After we have been with someone for years that spark lessens in intensity. For some people, this can result in dangerous or destructive behavior that breaks down full relationships. Erotica to me is meant to be a safe way to explore areas that we want to think about but not physically explore. It can be part of a healthy relationship where a couple shares fantasies together instead of searching outside the commitment to each other. Erotica is not about scenes but more about feelings. Intense orgasms are built through the mental aspect of sexuality. I prefer to read erotica instead of watching it and when I read it I want to feel that the scene is slowed down allowing me to place myself in that situation. Most erotica rushes through the buildup to get to the hardcore sex scene. As I am writing I want to be able to give my reader something different just as intense but with more emphasis on how the participants got to that point. Our world has evolved into rushing into everything with this rushing we have lost part of our sexuality this has left a lot of wanting for interactions that we just do not get. Erotica to me should be about slowing things down and letting a scene play out in a way we often want but rarely receive.

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