What is a Life Styler?

I have been working on the internet since around 2007/2008 before that I was just what most people would have thought of as a normal person. I worked in the corporate world and had for a long time. To the outside world I was just a wife. However since the time I had left home I had been having threesomes, playing with s&m, and cuckolding. I was doing it because I just had the urges and wanted to explore my sexuality. My husband enjoyed it and so did the people we were bringing into our lives. Most the stuff we did we did not even have a name for it. It was simply a matter of hey this feels good so lets do it some more. I have never been ashamed of my sexuality nor have a skirted it. I have always been that wife that other men were envious of because I would do the things that they could only read of in Penthouse Forum. When we started getting into the internet side it was because of practical reasons my job was ending there was not a lot of work close to where I lived and the money was an improvement from where we were. I started to become more and more curious about other people and with that came lots of reading. I began to understand that what we were doing for fun was also a big part of other peoples lives or their imagination. I also started to understand how much women do not allow themselves to be sexual creatures. Society has created a scenario that women should always be ashamed and coerced into doing things. I have never been that type of person I am nto going to say that I have always enjoyed everything I have done because somethings seem much better on paper than in person.

For me a lifestyler is someone that does sexual things because they are driven to do them not because they are simply making money off them. I have made good money off of my sexual desires and I am in no way ashamed of that. I have spoken with a lot of men that want something but can never have it. I give them someone who understands that pull of sexuality. I also give them an outlet to explore things that for one reason or another they are unable to do so with their significant other. These men are not always heterosexual either just because a man is homosexual does not mean he has a great communication relationship with the person he is involved with.

A lifestyler understands the struggle of finding and coming to terms with the less socially acceptable parts of sexuality because we have been through those struggles. We are able to communicate on a deeper level because while we may not have tried xyz we have tried things that turned us on while making us unsure of ourselves at the same time. I do this because I enjoy it and I will only do it so long as I enjoy it once the thrill of exploration with strangers is gone then I am gone. In the end my own sense of who I am is far more important my own want for a specific lifestyle will always come first over money.

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