What is our Favorite Fetish?

Chilly and I are often asked this question and while we both enjoy a wide variety of things there are a few things that we enjoy a little bit more. We both really like pantyhose there is just something about them that makes a girl very feminine and also in control. I have a great liking to boots well shoes is probably a more adequate description. I adore having my feet worshipped and daunted on. Being worshipped all over my body makes me very happy. Chilly is a little bit more submissive she likes being told what to do. She likes that you tell her how to please you. I have always had a great enjoyment of sissy guys dressing them up, putting them down it is all fun. Now Chilly and I have explored a number of different fetishes so this is more what we enjoy on a regular basis not what we enjoy over all. Do you have a favorite fetish that you want to talk about. Give us a call and lets have some fun with it. 

5 thoughts on “What is our Favorite Fetish?”

  1. Pantyhose is also by far my favorite fetish. There is nothing like slipping on a pair over freshly shaved legs. Seeing a woman in pantyhose will stop me in my tracks. I am hoping to catch you soon on cam to have some fetish/bdsm fun. Love the blog.
    Talk to you soon.

  2. I love watching a girl, wearing sheer stockings and 4″ heels, blowing up balloons and then popping them with their spike heels and fingernails.

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