Who Is Raven Hill

I did not wake up one morning and decide today I will start writing erotica. I have been working on these characters for a couple of years. Many great people have helped me along the way. Writing is something I have always done just not fiction that is something new.  It started out with writing mp3 scripts; these are a ton of fun. After I had spent a couple of years creating short scripts about different fetishes and scenarios my mind started to create characters. Every woman out there has spent hours reading romance novels, and I am one of those women. I was never happy with the women in the traditional romance writings. I am a dominant person, and I craved to read about women who were strong while being in control yet still acted like women. These thought processes led to some different characters forming in my mind. Raven Hills was not the first character I formulated. I started with a couple of other women that I will be writing about soon.

Raven Hills is fun for me. She is a young woman in her early twenties starting to find herself sexually. Raven was raised on a ranch around men. She does not have the same hang-ups that a lot of girls her age tend to have. Ginger is the best friend of the powerful girl and one of her first lovers. They still enjoy each others company but on a casual fun level. Neither Ginger nor Raven is a lesbian,  they both enjoy men and each woman wants a partnership, though it varies in how it will come to pass. Her circle of people is small due to the ranch being a distance from a larger city.  Being raised by men, Raven is fierce in how she conquers a situation. Having lived her life on a ranch around strong creatures taught her how to best utilizes her surroundings to get where she wants to be.  Raven has worked hard to raise her own breed of working beautiful creatures her horses. Her drive to take men and create her version of strong submissive men ties into the creation of her horses.  She has her faults just like every other human out there.  Raven’s age will come into play as her story unfolds it will be up to her to utilize her natural power to overcome the obstacles in her way.  While I have a plan for her through the book. I can not plan out everything in the chapter I am currently working on “There Is Always Denver” the plan has already changed. As I write it is fun to relax so that Raven can go where she wants.  Together we can explore how Raven builds her stable of submissive men and where her sexual adventure takes her in other areas of her life.

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